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Source: GWD

Level: 4

Journalist: Well-known businessman Arnold Bergeron has long been popular in the state, and he has often talked about running for governor, but he has never run. However, we have just learned that Bergeron has fulfilled the financial disclosure requirement for candidacy by submitting a detailed list of his current financial holdings to the election commission. So, it is very likely that Bergeron will be a candidate for governor this year.

The answer to which of the following questions would be most useful in evaluating the journalist's argument?

  • A Has anybody else who has fulfilled the financial disclosure requirement for the upcoming election reported greater financial holdings than Bergeron?
  • B Is submitting a list of holdings the only way to fulfill the election commission's financial disclosure requirements?
  • C Did the information recently obtained by the journalists come directly from the election commission?
  • D Have Bergeron's financial holdings increased in value in recent years?
  • E Had Bergeron also fulfilled the financial disclosure requirements for candidacy before any previous gubernatorial elections?

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