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Source: GWD

Level: 4

Magazine Publisher: Our magazine does not have a liberal bias. It is true that when a book review we had commissioned last year turned out to express distinctly conservative views, we did not publish it until we had also obtained a second review that took a strongly liberal position. Clearly, however, our actions demonstrate not a bias in favor of liberal views but rather a commitment to a balanced presentation of diverse opinions.

Determining which of the following would be most useful in evaluating the cogency of the magazine publisher's response?

  • A Whether any other magazines in which the book was reviewed carried more than one review of the book
  • B Whether the magazine publishes unsolicited book reviews as well as those that it has commissioned
  • C Whether in the event that a first review commissioned by the magazine takes a clearly liberal position the magazine would make any efforts to obtain further reviews
  • D Whether the book that was the subject of the two reviews was itself written from a clearly conservative or a clearly liberal point of view
  • E Whether most of the readers of the magazine regularly read the book reviews that the magazine publishes

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