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Source: GWD

Level: 3

With a record number of new companies starting up in Derderia, and with previously established companies adding many new jobs, a record number of new jobs were created last year in the Derderian economy. This year, previously established companies will not be adding as many new jobs overall as such companies added last year. Therefore, unless a record number of companies start up this year, Derderia will not break its record for new jobs created.

Which of the following is an assumption on which the argument relies?

  • A In a given year, new companies starting up create more new jobs on average than do previously established companies.
  • B The number of people seeking employment is no larger this year than it was last year.
  • C This year, the new companies starting up will not provide substantially more jobs per company than did new companies last year.
  • D Previously established companies in Derderia will be less profitable this year than such companies were last year.
  • E The number of jobs created in the Derderian economy last year was substantially larger than the number of jobs lost.

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