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Source: GWD

Level: 2

Sonya: The government of Copeland is raising the cigarette tax. Copeland's cigarette prices will still be reasonably low, so cigarette consumption will probably not be affected much. Consequently, government revenue from the tax will increase.Raoul: True, smoking is unlikely to decrease, because Copeland's cigarette prices will still not be high. They will, however. No longer be the lowest in the region, so we might begin to see substantial illegal sales of smuggled cigarettes in Copeland.

Raoul responds to Sonya's argument by doing which of the following?

  • A Questioning the support for Sonya's conclusion by distinguishing carefully between No change and no decrease
  • B Calling Sonya's conclusion into question by pointing to a possible effect of a certain change
  • C Arguing that Sonya's conclusion would be better supported if Sonya could cite a precedent for what she predicts will happen
  • D Showing that a cause that Sonya claims will be producing a certain effect is not the only cause that could produce that effect
  • E Pointing out that a certain initiative is not bold enough to have the effect that Sonya Predicts it will have

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