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Source: Kaplan

Level: 3

Ace Motors, an automobile manufacturer headquartered in the city of Metropolis, recently administered a survey to all executives employed at their downtown headquarters. The survey found that, among executives with similar jobs, those living in the suburbs have less free time per week than do those that live in the city proper because some of the time spent on commuting by the suburban executives is spent on leisure by the urban executives.

Which of the following inferences is best supported by the statements made above?

  • A Ace Motor's executives who live in the city spend less time commuting to work than do those who live in the suburbs.
  • B The majority of Ace's executives live in the suburbs rather than near the downtown headquarters in Metropolis.
  • C A handful of Ace Motor's executives live neither in the city nor in the surrounding suburbs, but fly in from out of town each week.
  • D Ace Motor's executives who live in the suburbs spend more time commuting than they have for leisure.
  • E Most of Ace's executives who live in the city walk to work each morning.

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