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Level: 3

Certain politicians in the country of Birangi argue that a 50 percent tax on new automobiles would halt the rapid increase of automobiles on Birangi's roads and thereby slow the deterioration of Birangi's air quality. Although most experts agree that such a tax would result in fewer Birangians buying new vehicles and gradually reduce the number of automobiles on Birangi's roads, they contend that it would have little impact on Birangi's air-quality problem.

Which of the following, if true in Birangi, would most strongly support the experts' contention about the effect of the proposed automobile tax on Birangi's air-quality problem?

  • A Automobile emissions are the largest single source of air pollution.
  • B Some of the proceeds from the new tax would go toward expanding the nonpolluting commuter rail system.
  • C Currently, the sales tax on new tax on new automobiles is considerably lower than 50 percent.
  • D Automobiles become less fuel efficient and therefore contribute more to air pollution as they age.
  • E The scrapping of automobiles causes insignificant amounts of air pollution.

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