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Source: Kaplan

Level: 3

The average age of residents in Sunset City is well over 70 years of age and the populace is composed almost entirely of retirees with extremely few families that have young children. However, Sunset City is also known for its many boutiques that specialize in selling clothing for infants and toddlers.

Which of the following, if true, best reconciles the seeming discrepancy described above?

  • A The children's clothing boutiques in Sunset City purchase their clothing from wholesalers in Sunrise City, where there are many more families with small children.
  • B The few children that do live in Sunset City do not have particularly large wardrobes.
  • C The residents of Sunset City are known to spend more on health care than residents of nearby cities.
  • D The residents of Sunset City are generally wealthy and are known to spend large amounts of money buying gifts for their grandchildren and great-grandchildren that live in other cities.
  • E Sunset City is not located on a major highway.

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