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Source: Kaplan

Level: 2

A think-tank in Michigan has announced a controversial new finding. It concludes that efforts to combat high emissions from cars by taxing gasoline and SUVs are misplaced; rather, governments should be providing consumers with tax incentives to purchase large cars and carpooling with their neighbors to work. They estimate that such a plan would reduce national gas emissions by 23% over the next decade.

Which of the following, if true, casts the greatest doubt on the likely effectiveness of this recommendation?

  • A The number of cars on the nation's major highways has increased steadily in all major urban centres.
  • B SUVs will be considered "large cars" and will therefore be eligible for the tax reduction.
  • C Only 11% of people who live within one mile of each other work in the same neighborhood.
  • D Gas prices are projected to reach a thirty-year high over the next twelve months.
  • E Car emissions account for fully one-third of all emissions nation-wide.

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