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Level: 4

The recently announced dissolution of the Freedom Party, a major national political party, will not benefit the one other major national political party, the Liberty Party. It will, however, help third parties, including the Workers Party, who will now take more votes away from the Liberty Party in the upcoming national presidential race than would have been taken by the Freedom Party, had it not been dissolved.

Which of the following, if true, would cast the most serious doubt on the claim made in the last sentence above?

  • A Name recognition is a better predictor of a political party's success than how well its positions match with public opinion.
  • B Most voters had considered the Freedom Party and the Liberty Party to have very similar positions on most key issues.
  • C The Workers Party only runs political candidates in local elections, including those for city council members, assemblymen, and mayors.
  • D Polls indicate that most voters believe that candidates for third parties are more honest and trustworthy than are candidates for major national parties.
  • E The dissolution of a major political party inevitably causes many voters to change their longstanding voting habits and vote for parties they have never voted for in the past.

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