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Source: Knewton

Level: 2

Physicians' associations argue that because only physicians understand the underlying skills that an individual needs in order to practice medicine according to professional standards, these associations should continue to exercise control over the admissions standards of medical schools. Critics reply that in other fields, professional standards are upheld even though professional associations do not control admissions standards for schools.

Which of the following, if true, most strongly supports the argument of the physicians' associations against the challenge offered by the critics?

  • A The quality of education in schools whose admissions are controlled by professional associations is generally thought to have declined in recent years.
  • B Experienced professionals in several other professions are considered better evaluators of professional skills than physicians are.
  • C No professional associations other than physicians' associations have ever attempted to control admissions to professional schools.
  • D In the decade after physicians' associations began to control the number of students admitted to medical schools, accidents caused by physician negligence declined sharply.
  • E Prospective physicians who are denied admission to medical school may still work in other health care professions.

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