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Level: 3

Lead water main pipes deliver water to homes and businesses all over the city of Redmond. Because of health concerns related to lead, specially trained workers are required to repair the water main pipes, and without repairs, the water main pipes would eventually cease to deliver water effectively. Therefore, taxpayers in the city of Redmond must continue to provide funds to train workers to repair lead-containing materials safely.

Which of the following, if true, would most seriously weaken the argument above?

  • A When water main pipes cease to function effectively, they can be left in place without raising health concerns.
  • B Although lead water main pipes are a necessary part of the delivery of water in Redmond, some residents also obtain a portion of their water from wells.
  • C In response to public demands, the Redmond city council has cut funding for the training of repair workers and increased spending on the city's mass transit system.
  • D Repair of water main pipes requires workers to spend long periods of time underground, which increases the expense of training these workers.
  • E The development of a safe and durable material for pipes has made repairing lead water main pipes more costly and less practical than replacing them.

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