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Source: Knewton

Level: 3

The proposal to hire twelve new fraud investigators in Greenvale is foolish. This is because there is sufficient funding to pay the salaries of the new investigators, but not to pay the salaries of additional prosecutors and administrative assistants to process the increased load of fraud cases that new investigators usually generate.

Which of the following, if true, will most seriously weaken the conclusion above?

  • A Studies have shown that an increase in the number of a town's fraud investigators does not necessarily reduce fraud.
  • B When one neighboring town increased the number of fraud investigators by 20 percent last year, it resulted in 30 percent more charges of fraud and 25 percent more convictions.
  • C If funding for the new investigators' salaries is approved, support for other town services will have to be reduced during the next fiscal year.
  • D In most United States towns, not all fraud cases result in charges, and not all charges result in trials.
  • E Greenvale's ratio of fraud investigators to local officials has reached a level at which an increase in the number of investigators will have a deterrent effect on fraud.

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