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Source: Manhattan

Level: 3

Bio-chemists at Perck Pharma Corporation have discovered a new type of allergy. Their research confirms that it is not just caused by pollen of a certain flower, as it was thought. In addition, the flower has to be pollinated by a certain kind of bee to cause the allergy.

Which of the following would most likely support the data's implication?

  • A In the absence of the bee, the pollen does not cause allergic reactions.
  • B The bee has been shown to be a critical element in the reproduction of the particular flower.
  • C Many cases of the allergy have been observed only in the presence of the bee.
  • D In cases in which the allergy does not develop, the flower will grow without the presence of the bee.
  • E The onset of the allergy is usually caused by the flower even if the pollen is not present.

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