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Source: Manhattan

Level: 3

Although we manufacture one hundred types of mobile phones, we currently limit our stock to only the ten best-selling models. Our plan is to increase the number of mobile phones we sell by expanding our stock to contain the twelve most popular types.

Which of the following, if true, points out a major weakness in the plan above?

  • A The capabilities of the four most popular mobile phones are approximately equivalent, with no model having consistent superiority in all respects.
  • B The nine most popular types of mobile phones account for almost all mobile phones sold.
  • C As the users of mobile phones have become more sophisticated, they are more willing to buy less well-known models.
  • D Less popular types of mobile phones often provide less profit to the retailer because prices must be discounted to attract customers.
  • E The leading type of mobile phone has been losing market position to less popular types that offer similar capabilities for less money.

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