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Source: Manhattan

Level: 3

An independent analyst asserts that the new Pokia digital camera for mobile phones is more precise, of higher quality and costs less than any of the popular competing models. As a result, Pokia will become the more desirable, low-priced alternative to currently existing models of digital cameras.

Which of the following, if true, would most challenge the argument above?

  • A Many retailers already carry one or more low-priced digital cameras and are disinclined to carry another.
  • B Several lower-priced models of digital cameras will soon be introduced by other mobile phone manufacturers.
  • C The Pokia Corporation's digital camera can be used in conjunction with higher-priced mobile phones manufactured by other companies.
  • D Most of the individuals and companies that would be expected to make up the potential market for the Pokia digital camera have already fulfilled their digital camera needs.
  • E The independent analyst whose views were incorporated in the statement above has used measures of quality that are not universally accepted by the consumer public.

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