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Source: Manhattan

Level: 3

Automobile manufacturers defend their substitution of steel frames in cars with cheaper plastic components by claiming that consumer demand is ruled by a desire for light cars with crumple zones rather than as a result of corporate profit motives. However, if this trend were true, then carbon reinforced tubing, which is lighter than steel and stronger, would be available as an option. It is not.

Which of the following, if true, best explains how the automobile manufacturers" claim about consumer desire for lighter and stronger materials could be true and maintain the exclusion of carbon tubing from the market?

  • A Most consumers prefer steel to plastic components because of their durability.
  • B Prototypes of vehicles with carbon tubing have not been shown at major auto shows.
  • C The manufacturing process for plastic frame components and carbon tubing is quite different than for traditional steel frames.
  • D Automobile manufacturers have not yet resolved certain quality control problems in production of carbon tubing in high volumes.
  • E Carbon is more expensive than steel.

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