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Source: Manhattan

Level: 3

An electric piano designed to have perfect frequency for each note would sound different than the best Baldwin or Steinbach Grand Piano currently available. To professional pianists, a piano that sounds different from the best Grand Pianos sounds less like a piano and therefore worse than the best-sounding existing pianos. Professional pianists are the only accepted judges of the quality of pianos.

Which of the following would be best supported by these statements?

  • A Only amateur pianists should be asked to judge the sound of electric pianos.
  • B Professional pianists assist in designing electric pianos.
  • C The best sounding grand pianos have been around for over one hundred years.
  • D It is currently impossible to create an electric piano that accepted judges will evaluate as being an improvement on existing grand pianos.
  • E It is possible to create an electric piano that sounds better to everyone except a professional pianist.

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