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Source: Manhattan

Level: 3

John, an expert in game theory, predicts that negotiations cannot be resolved unless one party is willing to concede a symbolic step. He also believes that when a symbolic step of concession is taken, negotiations will be resolved. Other game theory experts, however, believe that these results do not take other variables into account.

Which of the following, if true, best supports the contention in the last sentence?

  • A Predicting the success of a particular negotiation requires specifying the goal of the negotiation.
  • B Judging the outcome of a particular negotiation requires knowing about other negotiations that have taken place in the past.
  • C Learning whether a certain negotiation strategy is good requires observing how that strategy works through several negotiating sessions.
  • D Parties who are willing to take a symbolic step are more likely to complete negotiations successfully for other reasons.
  • E Making a negotiation successful requires knowing the context of symbolic steps that a party in the negotiations might desire.

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