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Source: Manhattan

Level: 3

Save-a-Tot Corporation is a manufacturer of safety seats for bicycles and automobiles. Children often die unnecessarily in collisions because they were not properly fastened into seats that conform to their fragile bodies. Save-a-Tot has recently designed a new type of safety seat that is able to conform more closely than ever to curves in the spines and necks of small children. This new design also cushions the head in a better way. Save-a-Tot claims that the usage of these safety seats will decrease child mortality rates in serious collisions by up to 60 percent.

Which of the following, if true, represents the strongest challenge to Save-a-Tot's claim?

  • A The child safety seats that Save-a-Tot has designed are made of a lighter plastic compound that turns brittle during a collision.
  • B The government demands that Save-a-Tot produce these child safety seats to very strict specifications.
  • C By providing Save-a-Tot seats free with new cars, automobile sales will increase.
  • D The proposed child safety seats will add too much weight to bicycles.
  • E As production costs increase, Save-a-Tot will have to raise the price of its safety seats.

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