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Level: 3

A private bus company wanted to increase profits. For twenty years it worked to make its buses more economical and faster by reducing the number of bus stops. Although the company was in some measure successful, the economy grew worse, and the industry almost went bankrupt. Assumptions and realities were vastly different. The real problem came not from passengers who wanted faster transport but from the number of passengers who stopped using the bus service because of the limited number of bus stops.

Which of the actions below would most likely lead to a solution to the problem faced by the bus company, as it is analyzed above?

  • A Providing buses with engines that run on a cheaper type of fuel than that traditionally used.
  • B Providing double-decker buses that will stop at as many more bus stops as possible.
  • C Providing buses that have more seating room than any other existing bus.
  • D Implementing a system to ensure that buses are loaded to capacity.
  • E Implementing a market plan that focuses on routes that are known to be less used by other bus companies.

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