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Level: 4

Cable-television spokesperson: Subscriptions to cable television are a bargain in comparison to "free" television. Remember that "free" television is not really free. It is consumers, in the end, who pay for the costly advertising that supports "free" television.

Which of the following, if true, is most damaging to the position of the cable-television spokesperson?

  • A Consumers who do not own television sets are less likely to be influenced in their purchasing decisions by television advertising than are consumers who own television sets.
  • B Subscriptions to cable television include access to some public-television channels, which do not accept advertising.
  • C For locations with poor television reception, cable television provides picture quality superior to that provided by free television.
  • D There is as much advertising on many cabletelevision channels as there is on "free" television channels.
  • E Cable-television subscribers can choose which channels they wish to receive.

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