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Level: 4

Many people suffer an allergic reaction to certain sulfites, including those that are commonly added to wine as preservatives. However, since there are several wine makers who add sulfites to none of the wines they produce, people who would like to drink wine but are allergic to sulfites can drink wines produced by these wine makers without risking an allergic reaction to sulfites.

Which of the following is an assumption on which the argument depends?

  • A These wine makers have been able to duplicate the preservative effect produced by adding sulfites by means that do not involve adding any potentially allergenic substances to their wine.
  • B Not all forms of sulfite are equally likely to produce the allergic reactions.
  • C Wine is the only beverage to which sulfites are commonly added.
  • D Apart from sulfites, there are no substances commonly present in wine that give rise to an allergic reaction.
  • E Sulfites are not naturally present in the wines produced by these wine makers in amounts large enough to produce an allergic reaction in someone who drinks these wines.

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