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Level: 4

Many breakfast cereals are fortified with vitamin supplements. Some of these cereals provide 100 percent of the recommended daily requirement of vitamins. Nevertheless, a well-balanced breakfast, including a variety of foods, is a better source of those vitamins than are such fortified breakfast cereals alone.

Which of the following, if true, would most strongly support the position above?

  • A In many foods, the natural combination of vitamins with other nutrients makes those vitamins more usable by the body than are vitamins added in vitamin supplements.
  • B People who regularly eat cereals fortified with vitamin supplements sometimes neglect to eat the foods in which the vitamins occur naturally.
  • C Foods often must be fortified with vitamin supplements because naturally occurring vitamins are removed during processing.
  • D Unprocessed cereals are naturally high in several of the vitamins that are usually added to fortified breakfast cereals.
  • E Cereals containing vitamin supplements are no harder to digest than similar cereals without added vitamins.

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