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Level: 4

When a polygraph test is judged inconclusive, this is no reflection on the examinee. Rather, such a judgment means that the test has failed to show whether the examinee was truthful or untruthful.Nevertheless, employers will sometimes refuse to hire a job applicant because of an inconclusive polygraph test result.

Which of the following conclusions can most properly be drawn from the information above?

  • A Most examinees with inconclusive polygraph test results are in fact untruthful.
  • B Polygraph tests should not be used by employers in the consideration of job applicants.
  • C An inconclusive polygraph test result is sometimes unfairly held against the examinee.
  • D A polygraph test indicating that an examinee is untruthful can sometimes be mistaken.
  • E Some employers have refused to consider the results of polygraph tests when evaluating job applicants.

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