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Level: 4

Thyrian lawmaker: Thyria's Cheese Importation Board inspects all cheese shipments to Thyria and rejects shipments not meeting specifi ed standards. Yet only 1 percent is ever rejected. Therefore, since the health consequences and associated economic costs of not rejecting that 1 percent are negligible, whereas the board's operating costs are considerable, for economic reasons alone the board should be disbanded.Consultant: I disagree. The threat of having their shipments rejected deters many cheese exporters from shipping substandard product.

The consultant responds to the lawmaker's argument by_____.

  • A rejecting the lawmaker's argument while proposing that the standards according to which the board inspects imported cheese should be raised
  • B providing evidence that the lawmaker's argument has signifi cantly overestimated the cost of maintaining the board
  • C objecting to the lawmaker's introducing into the discussion factors that are not strictly economic
  • D pointing out a benefi t of maintaining the board, which the lawmaker's argument has failed to consider
  • E shifting the discussion from the argument at hand to an attack on the integrity of the cheese inspectors

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