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Source: OG

Level: 3

Keith: Compliance with new government regulations requiring the installation of smoke alarms and sprinkler systems in all theaters and arenas will cost the entertainment industry $25 billion annually. Consequently, jobs will be lost and profits diminished. Therefore, these regulations will harm the country's economy.

Laura: The $25 billion spent by some businesses will be revenue for others. Jobs and profits will be gained as well as lost.

Laura responds to Keith by

  • A demonstrating that Keith's conclusion is based on evidence that is not relevant to the issue at hand
  • B challenging the plausibility of the evidence that serves as the basis for Keith's argument
  • C suggesting that Keith's argument overlooks a mitigating consequence
  • D reinforcing Keith's conclusion by supplying a complementary interpretation of the evidence Keith cites
  • E agreeing with the main conclusion of Keith's argument but construing that conclusion as grounds for optimism rather than for pessimism

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