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Level: 4

Which of the following most logically completes the argument below?

According to promotional material published by the city of Springfield, more tourists stay in hotels in Springfield than stay in the neighboring city of Harristown. A brochure from the largest hotel in Harristown claims that more tourists stay in that hotel than stay in the Royal Arms Hotel in Springfield. If both of these sources are accurate, however, the county's "Report on Tourism" must be in error in indicating that _______.

  • A more tourists stay in hotel accommodations in Harristown than stay in the Royal Arms Hotel
  • B the Royal Arms Hotel is the only hotel in Springfield
  • C there are several hotels in Harristown that are larger than the Royal Arms Hotel
  • D some of the tourists who have stayed in hotels in Harristown have also stayed in the Royal Arms Hotel
  • E some hotels in Harristown have fewer tourist guests each year than the Royal Arms Hotel has

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