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Level: 4

Springfield Fire Commissioner: the vast majority of false fire alarms are prank calls made anonymously from fire alarm boxes on street corners. Since virtually everyone has access to a private telephone, these alarm boxes have outlived their usefulness. Therefore, we propose to remove the boxes. Removing the boxes will reduce the number of prank calls without hampering people's ability to report a fire.

Which of the following, if true, most strongly supports the claim that the proposal, if carried out, will have the announced effect?

  • A The fire department traces all alarm calls made from private telephones and records where they came from.
  • B Maintaining the fi re alarm boxes costs Springfi eld approximately $5 million annually.
  • C A telephone call can provide the fi re department with more information about the nature and size of a fi re than can an alarm placed from an alarm box.
  • D Responding to false alarms signifi cantly reduces the fi re department's capacity for responding to fi res.
  • E On any given day, a signifi cant percentage of the public telephones in Springfi eld are out of service.

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