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From June through August 1987, Premiere Airlines had the best on-time service of 10 United States airlines.From January through March 1988, Premiere Airlines had the worst on-time service of the 10 airlines. The on time performance ranking of the other nine airlines relative to each other remained unchanged.

Which of the following, if true, would most contribute to an explanation of the facts above?

  • A Although Premiere Airlines only revoked its policy of routinely holding flights for late passengers in the fall of 1987, the other nine airlines never had that policy.
  • B Premiere Airlines reduced its business by 10 percent when it raised its rates in the fall of 1987 to compensate for rising gasoline costs.
  • C Premiere Airlines bought five new planes in the fall of 1987 that proved to have fewer mechanical problems than the ones they replaced.
  • D Premiere Airlines serves New England, which has heavy winter snowfalls, whereas the other airlines do most of their business in warmer regions of the country.
  • E Although all 10 airlines strive to keep their flights on schedule, overcrowded airports increased flight delays for all 10 airlines in January 1988 as compared with June 1987.

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