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Level: 3

Mayor: In each of the past five years, the city has cut school funding and each time school officials complained that the cuts would force them to reduce expenditures for essential services. But each time, only expenditures for nonessential services were actually reduced. So school officials can implement further cuts without reducing any expenditures for essential services.

Which of the following, if true, most strongly supports the mayor's conclusion?

  • A The city's schools have always provided essential services as efficiently as they have provided nonessential services.
  • B Sufficient funds are currently available to allow the city's schools to provide some nonessential services.
  • C Price estimates quoted to the city's schools for the provision of nonessential services have not increased substantially since the most recent school-funding cut.
  • D Few influential city administrators support the funding of costly nonessential services in the city's schools.
  • E The city's school officials rarely exaggerate the potential impact of threatened funding cuts.

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