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Level: 3

Mourdet Winery: Danville Winery's new wine was introduced to compete with our most popular wine, which is sold in a distinctive tall, black bottle. Danville uses a similar bottle. Thus, it is likely that many customers intending to buy our wine will mistakenly buy theirs instead.Danville Winery: Not so. The two bottles can be readily distinguished: the label on ours, but not on theirs, is gold colored.

Which of the following, if true, most undermines Danville Winery's response?

  • A Gold is the background color on the label of many of the wines produced by Danville Winery.
  • B When the bottles are viewed side by side, Danville Winery's bottle is perceptibly taller than Mourdet Winery's.
  • C Danville Winery, unlike Mourdet Winery, displays its wine's label prominently in advertisements.
  • D It is common for occasional purchasers to buy a bottle of wine on the basis of a general impression of the most obvious feature of the bottle.
  • E Many popular wines are sold in bottles of a standard design.

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