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Level: 3

To prevent some conflicts of interest, Congress could prohibit high-level government officials from accepting positions as lobbyists for three years after such officials leave government service. One such official concluded, however, that such a prohibition would be unfortunate because it would prevent high-level government officials from earning a livelihood for three years.

The official's conclusion logically depends on which of the following assumptions?

  • A Laws should not restrict the behavior of former government officials.
  • B Lobbyists are typically people who have previously been high-level government officials.
  • C Low-level government officials do not often become lobbyists when they leave government service.
  • D High-level government officials who leave government service are capable of earning a livelihood only as lobbyists.
  • E High-level government officials who leave government service are currently permitted to act as lobbyists for only three years.

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