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Level: 3

"Fast cycle time" is a strategy of designing a manufacturing organization to eliminate bottlenecks and delays in production. Not only does it speed up production, but it also ensures quality. The reason is that the bottlenecks and delays cannot be eliminated unless all work is done right the first time.

The claim about quality made above rests on a questionable presupposition that

  • A any flaw in work on a product would cause a bottleneck or delay and so would be prevented from occurring on a "fast cycle" production line
  • B the strategy of "fast cycle time" would require fundamental rethinking of product design
  • C the primary goal of the organization is to produce a product of unexcelled quality, rather than to generate profits for stockholders
  • D "fast cycle time" could be achieved by shaving time off each of the component processes in a production cycle
  • E "fast cycle time" is a concept in business strategy that has not yet been put into practice in a factory110done

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