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Level: 4

If the airspace around centrally located airports were restricted to commercial airliners and only those private planes equipped with radar, most of the private-plane traffic would be forced to use outlying airfields. Such a reduction in the amount of private-plane traffic would reduce the risk of midair collision around the centrally located airports.

Which of the following, if true, would most strengthen the conclusion drawn in the second sentence?

  • A Commercial airliners are already required by law to be equipped with extremely sophisticated radar systems.
  • B Centrally located airports are experiencing overcrowded airspace primarily because of sharp increases in commercial-airline traffic.
  • C Many pilots of private planes would rather buy radar equipment than be excluded from centrally located airports.
  • D The number of midair collisions that occur near centrally located airports has decreased in recent years.
  • E Private planes not equipped with radar systems cause a disproportionately large number of midair collisions around centrally located airports.

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