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Level: 4

Traditionally, decision making by managers that is reasoned step-by-step has been considered preferable to intuitive decision making.However, a recent study found that top managers used intuition significantly more than did most middle-or lower-level managers.This confirms the alternative view that intuition is actually more effective than careful, methodical reasoning.

The conclusion above is based on which of the following assumptions?

  • A Methodical, step-by-step reasoning is inappropriate for making many real-life management decisions.
  • B Top managers have the ability to use either Intuitive reasoning or methodical, step-by-step reasoning in making decisions.
  • C The decisions made by middle-and lower-level managers can be made as easily by using methodical reasoning as by using intuitive reasoning.
  • D Top managers use intuitive reasoning in making the majority of their decisions.
  • E Top managers are more effective at decision making than middle-or lower-level managers.

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