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Level: 3

Advocates of a large-scale space-defense research project conclude that it will represent a net benefit to civilian business.They say that since government-sponsored research will have civilian applications, civilian businesses will reap the rewards of government-developed technology.

Each of the following, if true, raises a consideration arguing against the conclusion above, EXCEPT:

  • A The development of cost-efficient manufacturing techniques is of the highest priority for civilian business and would be neglected if resources go to military projects, which d0 not emphasize cost efficiency.
  • B Scientific and engineering talent needed by civilian business will be absorbed by the large-scale project.
  • C Many civilian businesses will receive subcontracts to provide materials and products needed by the research project.
  • D If government research money is devoted to the space project, it will not be available for specifically targeted needs of civilian business, where it could be more efficiently used.
  • E The increase in taxes or government debt needed to finance the project will severely reduce the vitality of the civilian economy.

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