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Level: 3

Defense Department analysts worry that the ability of the United States to wage a prolonged war would be seriously endangered if the machine-tool manufacturing base shrinks further. Before the Defense Department publicly connected this security issue with the import quota issue, however, the machine-tool industry raised the national security issue in its petition for import quotas.

Which of the following, if true, contributes most to an explanation of the machine-tool industry's raising the issue above regarding national security?

  • A When the aircraft industries retooled, they provided a large amount of work for too builders.
  • B The Defense Department is only marginally concerned with the effects of foreign competition on the machine-tool industry.
  • C The machine-tool industry encountered difficulty in obtaining governmental protection against imports on grounds other than defense.
  • D A few weapons important for defense consist of parts that do not require extensive machining.
  • E Several federal government programs have been designed which will enable domestic machine-tool manufacturing firms to compete successfully with foreign toolmakers.

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