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Level: 3

A proposed ordinance requires the installation in new homes of sprinklers automatically triggered by the presence of a fire. However, a home builder argued that because more than ninety percent of residential fires are extinguished by a household member, residential sprinklers would only marginally decrease property damage caused by residential fires.

Which of the following, if true, would most seriously weaken the home builder's argument?

  • A most individuals have no formal training in how to extinguish fires.
  • B Since new homes are only a tiny percentage of available housing in the city, the new ordinance would be extremely narrow in scope.
  • C The installation of smoke detectors in new residences costs significantly less than the installation of sprinklers.
  • D In the city where the ordinance was proposed, the average time required by the fire department to respond to a fire was less than the national average.
  • E The largest proportion of property damage that results from residential fires is caused by fires that start when no household member is present.

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