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Level: 4

Fact 1: Television advertising is becoming less effective: the proportion of brand names promoted ontelevision that viewers of the advertising can recall is slowly decreasing.Fact 2: Television viewers recall commercials aired first or last in a cluster of consecutive commercials far betterthan they recall commercials aired somewhere in the middle.

Fact 2 would be most likely to contribute to an explanation of fact 1 if which of the following were also true?

  • A The average television viewer currently recalls fewer than half the brand names promoted in commercials he or she saw.
  • B The total time allotted to the average cluster of consecutive television commercials is decreasing.
  • C The average number of hours per day that people spend watching television is decreasing.
  • D The average number of clusters of consecutive commercials per hour of television is increasing.
  • E The average number of television commercials in a cluster of consecutive commercials is increasing.

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