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Level: 3

In 1985 state border colleges in Texas lost the enrollment of more than half, on average, of the Mexican nationals they had previously served each year. Teaching faculties have alleged that this extreme drop resulted from a rise in tuition for international and out-of-state students from $40 to $120 per credit hour.

Which of the following, if feasible, offers the best prospects for alleviating the problem of the drop in enrollment of Mexican nationals as the teaching faculties assessed it?

  • A Providing grants-in-aid to Mexican nationals to study in Mexican universities.
  • B Allowing Mexican nationals to study in Texas border colleges and to pay in-state tuition rates, which are the same as the previous international rate
  • C Reemphasizing the goals and mission of the Texas state border colleges as serving both in-state students and Mexican nationals
  • D Increasing the financial resources of Texas colleges by raising the tuition for in-state students attending state institutions
  • E Offering career counseling for those Mexican nationals who graduate from state border colleges and intend to return to Mexico

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