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Level: 3

On the basis of a decrease in the college-age population, many colleges now anticipate increasingly smaller freshman classes each year. Surprised by a 40 percent increase in qualified applicants over the previous year, however, administrators at Nice College now plan to hire more faculties for courses taken by all freshmen.

Which of the following statements about Nice College's current qualified applicants, if true, would strongly suggest that the administrators' plan is flawed?

  • A A substantially higher percentage than usual plan to study for advanced degrees after graduation from college.
  • B According to their applications, their level of participation in extracurricular activities and varsity sports is unusually high.
  • C According to their applications, none of them lives in a foreign country.
  • D A substantially lower percentage than usual rate Nice College as their first choice among the colleges to which they are applying
  • E A substantially lower percentage than usual list mathematics as their intended major.

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