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Level: 3

Airline: Newly developed collision-avoidance systems, although not fully tested to discover potential malfunctions, must be installed immediately in passenger planes. Their mechanical warnings enable pilots to avoid crashes. Pilots: Pilots will not fly in planes with collision-avoidance systems that are not fully tested. Malfunctioningsystems could mislead pilots, causing crashes.

The pilots' objection is most strengthened if which of the following is true?

  • A It is always possible for mechanical devices to malfunction.
  • B Jet engines, although not fully tested when first put into use, have achieved exemplary performance and safety records.
  • C Although collision-avoidance systems will enable pilots to avoid some crashes, the likely malfunctions of the not-fully-tested systems will cause even more crashes.
  • D Many airline collisions are caused in part by the exhaustion of overworked pilots.
  • E Collision-avoidance systems, at this stage of development, appear to have worked better in passenger planes than in cargo planes during experimental flights made over a six-month period.

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