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Many institutions of higher education suffer declining enrollments during periods of economic slowdown. At two-year community colleges, however, enrollment figures boom during these periods when many people have less money and there is more competition for jobs.

Each of the following, if true, helps to explain the enrollment increases in two-year community collegesdescribed above EXCEPT:

  • A During periods of economic slowdown, two-year community colleges are more likely than four-year colleges to prepare their students for the jobs that are still available.
  • B During periods of economic prosperity, graduates of two-year community colleges often continue their studies at four-year colleges.
  • C Tuition at most two-year community colleges is a fraction of that at four-year colleges.
  • D Two-year community colleges devote more resources than do other colleges to attracting those students especially affected by economic slowdowns.
  • E Students at two-year community colleges, but not those at most four-year colleges, can control the cost of their studies by choosing the number of courses they take each term.

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