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Level: 4

Many people argue that tobacco advertising plays a crucial role in causing teen-agers to start or continuesmoking. In Norway, however, where there has been a ban on tobacco advertising since 1975, smoking is atleast as prevalent among teen-agers as it is in countries that do not ban such advertising.

Which of the following statements draws the most reliable conclusion from the information above?

  • A Tobacco advertising cannot be the only factor that affects the prevalence of smoking among teen-agers.
  • B Advertising does not play a role in causing teen-agers to start or continue smoking.
  • C Banning tobacco advertising does not reduce the consumption of tobacco.
  • D More teen-agers smoke if they are not exposed to tobacco advertising than if they are.
  • E Most teen-agers who smoked in 1975 did not stop when the ban on tobacco advertising was implemented.

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