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Level: 2

Which of the following most logically completes the argument?

According to experts on shopping behavior, more shoppers would shop at Jerrod's department store if they were offered the convenience of shopping carts. In fact, even if the amount spent by these additional customers only just covered the cost of providing the carts, providing carts would still probably increase Jerrod's profits, since _______.

  • A the layout of Jerrod's is open enough to accommodate shopping carts comfortably
  • B several department stores that compete with Jerrod's have begun to make shopping carts available to their customers
  • C there are some potential customers who would not be enticed to shop at Jerrod's by the availability of shopping carts
  • D stores that make shopping carts available to customers usually have to hire people to retrieve them from parking areas
  • E a customer with a shopping cart buys more, on average, than a customer without a cart

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