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Level: 3

Environmentalist: Snowmobiles in the park north of Milville create unacceptable levels of air pollution and should be banned. Milville Business Spokesperson: Snowmobiling brings many out-of-towners to Milville in the winter months, to the great direct financial benefit of many local residents. In addition, the money the town collects in fees for the recreational use of the park indirectly benefits all Milville residents. So, it is basic economics for us to put up with the pollution.

Which of the following, if true, could best be used by the environmentalist to counter the business spokesperson's argument?

  • A A great many cross-country skiers are now kept from visiting Milville by the noise and pollution that snowmobiles generate.
  • B Not all of the people who go snowmobiling in the vicinity of Milville are from out of town.
  • C Snowmobiles, because they run on two-cycle engines, emit greater amounts of hydrocarbons and particulate matter than cars do.
  • D Industrial pollution in Milville has been significantly reduced in the past few years without any adverse effect on the town's economy.
  • E Many Milville residents object to having to pay fees for recreational use of the park in the winter.

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