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Level: 3

The economy around Lake Paqua depends on fishing of the lake's landlocked salmon population. In recent years, scarcity of food for salmon there has caused a decline in both the number and the size of the adult salmon in the lake. As a result, the region's revenues from salmon fishing have declined significantly. To remedy this situation, officials plan to introduce shrimp, which can serve as a food source for adult salmon, into Lake Paqua.

Which of the following, if true, most seriously calls into question the plan's chances for success?

  • A Salmon is not a popular food among residents of the Lake Paqua region.
  • B Tourists coming to fish for sport generate more income for residents of the Lake Paqua region than does commercial fishing.
  • C The shrimp to be introduced into Lake Paqua are of a variety that is too small to be harvested for human consumption.
  • D The primary food for both shrimp and juvenile salmon is plankton, which is not abundant in Lake Paqua.
  • E Fishing regulations prohibit people from keeping any salmon they have caught in Lake Paqua that are smaller than a certain minimum size.

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