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Level: 3

Which of the following, if true, most logically completes the reasoning in the passage?

Kernland's government restricts the export of unprocessed cashew nuts in order to ensure a low-cost supply for domestic processing plants. Though the policy constrains farm income and limits the number of farmers who can profitably grow cashews, the government defends it on the grounds that, since the processing plants are in urban areas, removing the restrictions would hurt efforts to reduce urban unemployment. However, the policy may actually have contributed to urban unemployment, since __________.

  • A a lack of profitable crops is driving many small cashew farmers in Kernland off their land and into the cities
  • B some of the by-products of cashew processing are used as raw materials by other industries located in Kernland's cities
  • C the government does not place similar restrictions on the export of any crop other than cashews
  • D the income earned by workers in the processing plants is generally greater than that earned by agricultural laborers in rural areas
  • E without governmental aid in some form, Kernland's cashew processing plants would not be able to compete for sales in world markets

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