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Level: 3

The general availability of high-quality electronic scanners and color printers for computers has made the counterfeiting of checks much easier. In order to deter such counterfeiting, several banks plan to issue to their corporate customers checks that contain dots too small to be accurately duplicated by any electronic scanner currently available; when such checks are scanned and printed, the dots seem to blend together in such a way that the word "VOID" appears on the check.

A questionable assumption of the plan is that

  • A in the territory served by the banks the proportion of counterfeit checks that are made using electronic scanners has remained approximately constant over the past few years
  • B most counterfeiters who use electronic scanners counterfeit checks only for relatively large amounts of money
  • C the smallest dots on the proposed checks cannot be distinguished visually except under strong magnification
  • D most corporations served by these banks will not have to pay more for the new checks than for traditional checks
  • E the size of the smallest dots that generally available electronic scanners are able to reproduce accurately will not decrease significantly in the near future

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