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Level: 3

Escalating worldwide demand for corn is expected to cause the market price of corn to rise sharply and remain high. Although corn is extensively used as feed for livestock, livestock feed accounts for only a small fraction of the retail price of meat. Therefore, the increase in corn prices is very unlikely to produce any comparable long-term increase in the retail price of meat.

Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the argument?

  • A The cost of shipping and handling meat has also risen sharply.
  • B Livestock producers who currently use corn to feed their livestock have the option of switching to other kinds of feed.
  • C The rising cost of feed is leading some livestock producers to leave the business, thereby reducing the future supply of meat.
  • D Worldwide demand for grains other than corn has also increased.
  • E The price of corn affects the retail price of a variety of other food products more than it affects the price of meat.

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